July 4, 2024

Pakistan’s First BS in Real Estate Management Course Kicks Off


Pakistan’s real estate sector is set to experience a transformative shift with the introduction of the country’s first Bachelor of Science (BS) in Real Estate Management course. This pioneering program, launched by Graana.com in collaboration with the University of Central Punjab (UCP), aims to redefine real estate academia and elevate the industry standards through specialized education.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Education

The four-year BS in Real Estate Management program is designed to cover all aspects of the real estate cycle. Students will gain expertise in conceptualizing, initiating, analyzing, negotiating, financing, and closing real estate transactions. Additionally, the curriculum includes property sales and marketing, ensuring that graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to tackle the industry’s challenges.

Promoting Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Employment

One of the primary objectives of this program is to nurture the youth by providing them with comprehensive knowledge and practical business skills specific to real estate. The course aims to promote real estate entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities for graduates. In a significant move to encourage students, Graana.com has promised jobs to graduates of the BS Real Estate Management program from UCP.

Visionary Leadership and Industry Impact

Shafiq Akbar, CEO of Graana.com, emphasized the importance of this initiative in transforming Pakistan’s real estate sector. “Ever since we started, the vision to transform the real estate sector of Pakistan has been the catalyst behind our hard work and dedicated efforts. The successful completion of Pakistan’s first BS in Real Estate Management course aligns perfectly with our vision and will lay the foundation for its accomplishment,” he said.

Group Director Farhan Javed highlighted the economic significance of the real estate and construction industry, stating that it is the second-largest sector of Pakistan’s economy. He noted that this course aims to maximize the potential of the industry by enhancing knowledge and training professionals accordingly.

Collaboration with UCP

The introduction of the BS in Real Estate Management course followed thorough deliberations with Vice-Chancellor Rear Admiral (R) Dr. Nassar Ikram, HI(M). Dr. Ikram expressed his optimism about the course’s impact, stating, “The course will turn over a new leaf in the real estate sector, as it will provide substantial professional human capital.”

Academic and Practical Insights

Students enrolled in the program will be subjected to rigorous training, including analyzing financial and real estate markets. They will gain a greater understanding of how financial institutions and property markets operate, enabling them to identify and address existing loopholes in the real estate sector through an academic approach.


Makani Marketing celebrates this significant milestone in Pakistan’s real estate education landscape. The introduction of the BS in Real Estate Management course marks a new era of professional development and industry transformation. As a leading real estate agency, Makani Marketing looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of this initiative on the sector and contributing to the growth and success of future real estate professionals.