Escape the ordinary. Own a piece of paradise with stunning mountain views and luxury.

About Oasis Farms Islamabad


Oasis Farms Islamabad promises an unparalleled escape within Islamabad’s capital city. Framed by the majestic Murree Mountains and the verdant Margalla Hills, this project offers a haven of tranquility designed by renowned architects. Here, sprawling plots seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape, providing ample space to build your dream farmhouse.

Oasis Farms goes beyond stunning views; it fosters a luxurious lifestyle amidst breathtaking scenery. Whether seeking serenity or modern conveniences, this development caters to those yearning for a unique and revitalizing experience.


FKB Developers bring extensive experience and a strong commitment to quality in developing Oasis Farms, owned by

Oasis Marketing Pvt. Ltd. They have transformed the land into a peaceful paradise, perfect for a serene escape.

Their dedication to excellence is clear in every detail of Oasis Farms. From the careful planning and beautiful architecture to the high-quality amenities, nothing has been overlooked. This attention to detail and flawless execution makes Oasis Farms a truly exceptional destination.


Park View City NOC is approved by the legislative authority of Islamabad, Capital Development Authority. Initially, the legal status of this project wasn’t satisfactory because of the inconvenient approach via Malot road, but later on, its NOC was instated. Now, everything in this housing scheme is carried out legally and the management owns all necessary development and planning permissions from the concerned authorities.

Due to its satisfactory legal status, investors and residents are taking a keen interest in this residential community because investing in this project is quite safe, secure, and legal.


The master plan of Oasis Farms Islamabad includes well-planned spaces that blend nature with modern living. It has green areas, beautiful views, and good infrastructure.

You can choose from different sizes of farmhouses like

2 Kanal

4 Kanal

8 Kanal

There are also areas for fun activities, parks, and community facilities. The roads are designed for easy travel and access to everything you need. Overall, Oasis Farms Islamabad’s master plan creates a great place to live with nature and convenience.


With Oasis Farms attractive payment plans, you can secure your 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, or 8 Kanal plot with ease through a 20% down payment, followed by convenient installments. This plan brings you closer to owning your dream home at Oasis Farms. Explore this opportunity and make your dream a reality with Oasis Farms’ flexible payment options.


2 Kanal

  • Total Price: 28,000,000
  • 10% Booking: 2,800,000
  • 10% Confirmation: 2,800,000
  • 6 Quarterly Installments: 2,333,333 each
  • 30% on Possession: 8,400,000

4 Kanal

  • Total Price: 56,000,000
  • 10% Booking: 5,600,000
  • 10% Confirmation: 5,600,000
  • 6 Quarterly Installments: 4,666,666 each
  • 30% on Possession: 16,800,000

8 Kanal

  • Total Price: 112,000,000
  • 10% Booking: 11,200,000
  • 10% Confirmation: 11,200,000
  • 6 Quarterly Installments: 9,333,333 each
  • 30% on Possession: 33,600,000

Terms & Conditions

  • 10% extra charges on corner and boulevard category.
  • The transfer cost and tax will be paid by the purchaser.
  • 5% discount on lump-sum payments.

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Owning a dream farmhouse is now within reach at Oasis Farms Islamabad. We understand that every family has unique needs, which is why we offer a variety of spacious plots in sizes of 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal, allowing you to create a haven that perfectly reflects your vision.


Our thoughtfully designed payment plan prioritizes flexibility and affordability. With convenient installments spread out over a comfortable timeline, securing your ideal plot within this exquisite community is easier than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your dream lifestyle and escape the ordinary at Oasis Farms.


Breathe in the fresh air, immerse yourself in stunning scenery, and build a lasting legacy for your family.

Additional details


Oasis Farms Islamabad Location

Discover Oasis Farms Islamabad in a prime location along Simly Dam Road, ensuring easy travel and connectivity to various places. Nestled in Zone 4 Islamabad amid the stunning Margalla Hills, it seamlessly combines nature with urban convenience.

Enjoy the benefits of its proximity to Serena Hotel, just an 18-minute drive away. Oasis Farms Islamabad invites you to experience a harmonious blend of convenience and tranquility, enriching your lifestyle at every turn.

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Oasis Farms Islamabad is a luxury farmhouse community offering spacious farmhouses and modern amenities in a serene, eco-friendly environment near Islamabad.

Oasis Farms is situated close to Zone IV Islamabad, in a beautiful area surrounded by the lovely Margalla Hills. This prime location offers easy access to the city while providing a peaceful countryside setting.

Oasis Farms offers various farmhouse sizes and designs, from cozy homes to luxurious estates, all featuring modern architecture and high-quality materials.

Amenities include 24/7 security, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, sports facilities, a clubhouse, walking tracks, children’s play areas, and farming spaces.

This society currently occupies approximately 300 kanals and only offers farmhouses.

Contact the sales office or authorized agents, visit the site, and consult with a reputable real estate agency like Makani Marketing for detailed information and assistance.
Contact us at UAN +92 336 400 0006

Flexible payment plans are available, typically involving a down payment followed by installment options. Contact the sales office for specific details.

Makani Marketing is a trusted real estate agency specializing in helping clients find and purchase properties, including luxury farmhouses like those at Oasis Farms Islamabad. They provide expert guidance and personalized service throughout the buying process.

The following are the procedures for buying a plot in this farmhouse society:

  • Download the Oasis Farms application.
  • Complete the application form by providing the necessary details.
  • Enclose the application form with the pertinent documentation.
  • Transfer the down payment to the residential project’s bank account.
  • Send your application to the farmhouse project management to verify your plot.

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