June 25, 2024

10th Shell Tameer Award – Building Bridges to the Future

10th Shell Tameer Award – Building Bridges to the Future

A couple of decades ago, an idea was born: to create a platform where innovative, sustainable, and transformative ideas could be supported and celebrated to shape our future. Shell Tameer is Shell’s flagship enterprise development programme, envisioned to strengthen the economy by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment.  Shell Tameer Awards is a nationwide competition, to bring together the greatness of creative minds of the country.

Shell Tameer Award 2023 saw an overwhelming number of applicants with impeccable ideas that could change the trajectory of Pakistan’s progress. Each idea brought in an innovative solution to a recurring problem of the country and its people. The competition nurtures creativity and helps propel economic growth.

Shell Tameer Awards has a diverse set of categories that bifurcates as follows:

  1. Clean Energy Solutions
  2. Empowering Women
  3. Technology Innovation
  4. Circular Economy
  5. Transportation and Mobility
  6. Bright Ideas

A Recap of Shell Tameer Awards 2022

Last year the grand winners of the Shell Tameer Awards were some amazing start-ups like; Concept Loop by Dabeer Hemani, a tech-based start-up converting plastic waste into building materials and lifestyle products; and Motto Vest Pvt Limited by Zeeshan Shahid, a startup aimed at providing safe mobility for bike riders through their AI sensor-based airbag vest including many other deserving wins.

Who triumphed at the Shell Tameer Awards 2023?

This year, the awards witnessed a varied pool of ideas, each with more fervour than the last. The highly esteemed panel of judges evaluated 30 finalists with careful consideration and rigour.

This year, we have an elaborate panel of 30 judges – experts from a plethora of significant industries that steer the vision of the competition towards making a global impact. This diversity cultivates a rich selection of winners and runners-up and we couldn’t have been prouder of our current flag-bearers of change that soared in this competition.

The incredible winners of this year are as follows:

  • Clean Energy Solutions

Winner – Shehmir Ahmed (Haloplast)

A solution to eliminate conventional plastic use with biodegradable and water-soluble plastic bags with renewable energy and biopolymers as raw material.

Runner-up – Dr. Shomaila Sikandar (Mycohues)

An idea to replace synthetic pigments to protect the environment from health hazards, carcinogenic and non-biodegradable properties of synthetic chemicals.

  • Empowering Women

Winner – Mehreen Raza (She-Guard)

A healthier and sustainable solution to women’s sanitary that provides biodegradable, plastic, and chemical-free sanitary to women all across Pakistan.

Runner-up – Sehrish Raza (Bizb Store)

A marketplace for buying and selling preloved apparel and accessories to promote environmental preservation, helping women earn, save, and contribute to the economy.

  • Technology Innovation

Winner – Bilal Afridi (Creative 3D Pvt. Ltd.)

A business of locally-made 3D printers that provides 3D printing solutions for major industries like healthcare, real estate, automobiles, home and office accessories, and many more.

Runner-up – Anjum Javed (AgriBotX)

A data-driven solution to develop a comprehensive suite of precision robotics for future farming.

  • Circular Economy

Winner – Nayab Raza (Algaverse)

A microalgae-based biofertilizer that aims to resolve problems of food insecurity, energy crises, and climate change.

Runner-up – Saifullah Khalid (Green Black Agri Solutions)

An e-commerce platform producing organic pesticides, fertilizers, and plant immunity-boosting bio-stimulants to enhance plant growth.

  • Transportation and Mobility

Winner – Muhammed Ahmed (Inlights)

An intelligent transportation system that uses AI and computer vision to optimize the timings of traffic lights to reduce congestion and waiting time.

Runner-up – Muhammed Saleem (Mehran Stairlift)

Serving communities with locomotive disorders, disabilities, and the elderly with easy mobility through stairlifts that are cost-effective, feature-rich, and can be easily manufactured locally.

  • Bright Ideas

Winner – Tauqeer Ahmed – (Bendcrete Construction)

A safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternate solution for conventional concrete with bendable concrete.

Runner-up – Aqsa Aftab (Ecopulppakistan)

An initiative to make eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging grade paper made with pine needles for environment preservation.

For other participants, the competition certainly does not go in vain. A chain of benefits was presented to finalists; from global consultancy and exposure, to gaining constructive feedback from industry leaders and mentors, to help bring their business and ideas to fruition.