A State-Of-The-Art Luxurious Project By Nova City Developers Offering Lavish Amenities & Features At Affordable Rates.

About Nova City Islamabad


Nova City Islamabad is an upcoming mega real estate venture in Federal Capital Islamabad. This society is a project of Nova City Developers who have launched this project to target the living needs of all norms of people and that’s why this project is considered as an affordable living venture.

This society is strategically placed at a central location in twin cities to provide ease of access to the residents. It is located right next to the CPEC route which is considered an industrial hub in Islamabad. Also, this society is considered as a focal place in twin cities because it is situated near Fateh Jhang Road and the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Right now, this project is the cream of the crop of the real estate market because it is right next to New International Islamabad Airport. The nearness to Airport is the reason behind the popularity of this project and soon this society is going to yield high returns on investments. With various location benefits, Nova City is offering high-end amenities & modern development infrastructure.


Nova City Islamabad is the proud project of Nova City Developers who are well-known real estate developers and builders in Pakistan. This construction company isn’t new in the market and owns the credit of timely delivery & quality infrastructure of several real estate projects like Nova City School & New City Wah Cantt. Nova City Developers And Owners have launched this amazing real estate venture with a vision to provide quality living to the people at affordable rates, and now they are working diligently to provide a modern & sterling living setting in the urban landscape of Pakistan.


Nova City Islamabad has acquired the needed attestation from the relevant departments and it LOP has been issued. This housing society is now accepted and approved by all relevant authorities, making it an ideal investment opportunity for investors and end users. 

The popularity of this society is in its full glory. Very soon, this project is going to deliver high returns on investments like never observed before.


This society is in its initial stages of launch so the management hasn’t unveiled the master plan yet, but the chances are there that Nova City Master Plan will soon be made public. As the management of this society believed in quality infrastructure & modern development so the chances are there this society will be a true example of living luxury. As per the layout plan of this society, it is divided magnificently divided into several blocks and sectors where a variety of plot categories are offered.


This society offers a variety of residential plot categories including:

      • 3.5 Marla Residential Plots
      • 05 Marla Residential Plots
      • 08 Marla Residential Plots
      • 10 Marla Residential Plots
      • 14 Marla Residential Plots
      • 01 Kanal Residential Plots

As this living space is located near the industrial hub of twin cities, so the management of this society decided to make this society a commercial hub within itself, and in this regard, they have launched several commercial plot categories. A limited number of the commercial plot are available in this society in categories like:

      • 2.66 Marla Commercial Plots
      • 04 Marla Commercial Plots
      • 08 Marla Commercial Plots 

Recently the Nova City Owners & developers have launched a new state-of-the-art block named Espotes Block. This block is a fresh addition to the society located at an ideal location within society. This block especially features sports facilities and it is specifically designed to provide a good blend of sport-oriented luxury lifestyle.

Nova City Esportes Block is going to be a premium residential district within the society where high-end amenities will be ensured like Nova City School, cycling tracks, multi-purpose stadium, jogging tracks, and much more. Here the resident will be able to enjoy a serene & healthy lifestyle.

The premium living space is divided into highly-demanded residential plot categories.


This block has the highest demand of residential plot categories like:

      • 08 Marla Residential Plots
      • 14 Marla Residential Plots

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Nova City is at the initial stages so the plots are available at affordable pre-launch rates. Nova City Plots For Sale are available at very pocket-friendly rates that make this society an affordable luxury for everyone. Right now the Nova City Payment Plans are inclusive of development charges.

The booking of plots in this society are available at 20% down-payment and the remaining amount has to be paid in 40 monthly installments or 8-half yearly installments. The Nova City Installment Plan is very efficiently designed so that low-income people can become landowners on an installment basis.

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Additional details



Nova City Islamabad is located at a prime location in twin cities near the CPEC route & the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. One entrance of this society hooks up with the CPEC route while the other one is linked with Ring Road Rawalpindi. Also, New International Islamabad Airport is adjacent to this state-of-the-art housing venture. Another attractive location benefit of this society is that it has close access to the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway.

Another amazing fact about the location of this housing scheme is that it is located close to three dams named Sapiala Dam, Kasana Dam, and Rama Dam. This living space is lucrative for investors because of its central location in twin cities.

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Yes, without any hesitation we can say that this society is one of the affordable housing societies of twin cities. Also, the installment plans for plots are so flexible that anyone can afford them.

This society is a legal real estate project because the management has the necessary planning permissions, and its NOC is under process.

Nova City is located adjacent to New International Islamabad Airport. Its 1st entrance is at the CPEC route while the other one is at the newly proposed Ring Road Rawalpindi.

Nova City is a proud project of Nova City developers and they are well known in the real estate sector because of their professionalism, quality infrastructure, and international working standards.

The development work in this society is at full speed. Recently, the management has inaugurated a sports complex and the chances are that this area will be developed soon.

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