Countryside Residencia Islamabad

This housing complex combines a modern way of life surrounded by a green setting.

About Countryside Residencia Islamabad


Countryside Residencia Islamabad is a beautiful residential community that will provide access to extremely profitable investment opportunities. This housing complex combines a modern way of life surrounded by a green setting, a secure neighborhood, and breathtaking vistas at budget-friendly rates.

Coming with all the latest amenities, this mega-project is cost-effective that will meet all needs of the residents. Countryside Residencia will be a secure neighborhood with 24 hours working security and first-rate facilities.

This amazing housing venture was launched by Vision Group of Companies & this group of builders and developers owns a good repute in the real estate market because of their professionalism and classical living aesthetics. This society is one of the few in the Federal Capital that owns a No Objection Certificate (NOC) by concerned authorities.

Nowadays, this project is the golden living jewel of Islamabad because local and overseas investors are showing immense interest in this housing venture.

Countryside Residencia DEVELOPERS AND OWNER

Countryside Residencia Developers & Owners are SIM Premier Development Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the well-known firms and leading construction-company serving in the real estate market. They have launched this incredible housing project in the Twin Cities while serving several projects for more than 10 years. Using their extensive knowledge, they are working to develop Countryside Residencia.

SIM Premier Development Pvt. Ltd. is a trustworthy and reliable project developer. They have acquired a high degree of reputation from investors because they seek to improve the real estate sector and they foster a strong client connection which is built on openness and trust. Due to their prior successful projects, their quality is transparent and assured. They have successfully delivered Farmhouses Charsadda and Mini Commercial Bahria Phase VIII and they are now developing Countryside Residencia and Orchard Farmhouses.

Countryside Residencia NOC STATUS

Countryside Residencia NOC will soon be accepted by the relevant authorities as the success of any housing project depends on its legal clearance. Obtaining a legal No Objection Certificate is a challenging and time-consuming process as it involves clearance from several agencies, government authorities, and other concerned authorities. Getting the NOC is the first and main motive behind every residential development.

Countryside Residencia NOC has not yet been acquired as it is still developing. The management is working nonstop to obtain the required legal status so that the construction process starts at a higher speed. The layout plan and the necessary documents have been submitted. The developers are sure that Rawalpindi Development Authority will award a legal NOC anytime soon. Upon receiving NOC from the relevant authorities, this housing development will prosper and will house more investment opportunities.

Countryside Residencia MASTER PLAN

Countryside Residencia Masterplan has employed a team of professionals who are carefully crafting this amazing housing complex. The Masterplan includes top-notch facilities that are available at reasonable rates. For those who are searching for long-term investment opportunities in Islamabad and who wish to live a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Countryside Residencia is the best opportunity.

Additionally, the exceptional prime location satisfies everyone’s need for a place where they can link themselves with nature and its beauty. Countryside Residencia Masterplan is being built according to international standards with all the amenities one might desire. Moreover, CSR offers a variety of plot categories, such as:

  • 5 Marla plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 1 Kanal plot

Countryside Residencia Awami Villas                

The Awami Villas is a newly developed block in Countryside Residencia that is offering numerous 3.5 Marla plots at low costs. Moreover, they cater to the living requirements of lower-class families and attempt to alleviate the housing needs of almost everyone.

Countryside Residencia amenities and facilities are available to those residing in Awami Villas as this unit is specifically made to offer contemporary housing with basic utilities. Furthermore, this block can easily be accessed from the main G.T. Road.

Every essential amenity is available in Awami Block, such as water facilities, gas, electricity, medical facility, educational institutes, mosques etc. Moreover, this block offers affordability, profit potential, high return on investment, and a better living style.

Countryside Rose Villas

This low-cost villa project ‘Countryside Rose Villa’ has been launched by CSR. This is the first-ever low-cost villa project launched in Pakistan. Anyone can afford to live in this luxurious Villa complex that has an affordable payment plan. This block comes with a simple installment plan that can be completed in 3 years. The Villas are available in 4 to 4.5 Marla plot sizes.

Countryside Residencia Payment Plan

Countryside Residencia Payment Plan is available at affordable rates and is made to accommodate those who wish to live in a modern housing complex but are unable to afford it. That is why the management and developers have launched such a payment plan that provides affordability for all socioeconomic groups.

Countryside Residencia Payment Plan comes with an initial 15% down payment and 15% booking charges, 36 monthly installments, or 12 quarterly installments. The investors are provided with a simple 3-year installment plan which is simple yet flexible.

Countryside Residencia Features & Amenities

Countryside Residencia Islamabad comes with a stunning site having ideal facilities and pure nature. It also includes wide roadways that offer convenience for the residents. This housing society is a gated community, having a medical facility, a 24-hours working security system, technological assistance, green parks, and a mosque with modern comforts. Coming with exclusive features and amenities, Countryside Residencia promotes a close-to-nature environment with contemporary conveniences.

  • Peaceful Environment

People are constantly seeking a quiet location to construct their ideal homes. Countryside Residencia offers a comfortable, calm, and close-to-nature living environment. The abundance of trees, plants, and greenery have a favorable impact on the residents’ health.

  • Gated Community

Modern security surveillance systems will be installed at the Countryside Residencia to guarantee the protection of the residents. Additionally, walk-through gates and CCTV cameras will be installed to provide top-notch security.

  • Educational Institutes

The developers work hard to guarantee the availability of top-notch institutions. They will build several schools, colleges, and universities inside Countryside Residencia to achieve this goal. The teaching staff will also be well-qualified in their respective fields.

  • Medical Facility

To accommodate people’s medical demands, hospitals will also be constructed. In case of any emergency, doctors and nurses will be working round-the-clock.

  • Basic Utilities

Society makes sure that essential services like gas, electricity, and water are always available. The residents will not have to face load-shedding or water shortages. In addition, the Countryside Residencia has backup generators that can offer power in the event of a power outage.

  • Water Resources

The project took into account the locals’ need for water. As a result, massive volumes of water will be kept in water reservoirs for locals to use in their daily activities.

  • Perfect location

The Countryside Residencia is perfectly positioned in a desirable twin cities neighbourhood. It will be located on the major G.T. Road, making neighbouring landmarks easily accessible. Away from the populated metropolitan surroundings, there is fresh, pure air to breathe thanks to a blend of greenery and contemporary infrastructure.

  • Wide roads

A broad, carpeted route with wide streets will be created in Countryside Residencia to facilitate effective traffic flow in this society. Roadways will also have a variety of themes. Additionally, the management plans to build a Main Boulevard to improve traffic flow.

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Countryside Residencia Booking Process

For a secure booking, make sure you submit the following documents so you do not face any inconvenience in future:

  1. 2 passport size pictures
  2. 2 copies of the National Identity Card
  3. Copies of NIC of next in kin
  4. NICOP in case of overseas investors.

Nearby Landmarks & Places


Countryside Residencia Location and Map

Having a great location attracts more investors and high investment opportunities. Countryside Residencia Location and Map is strategically placed on the main G.T. road giving access to the important nearby sites. This housing society is located opposite Rawat Police Station, across T-Chowk, and a short distance from Rawat.

Because accessibility is a crucial factor, the location of any housing venture is the first thing that the investors and residents prioritize. Countryside Residencia Location and Map can be found on the main G.T. Road giving smooth accessibility as compared to other housing societies in other cities.

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Countryside Residencia FAQ's

Because it is currently being developed, Countryside Residencia NOC has not yet been purchased. The management is working round-the-clock to get the necessary legal status so that the development process can get underway more quickly. The design plan and the required paperwork have been submitted.

Countryside Residencia comes at reasonable prices. For people who want to live in a contemporary housing complex but can’t afford it.  For this reason, management and developers have created a payment schedule that is affordable for all socioeconomic classes.

Developers and owners of Countryside Residencia are SIM Premier Development Pvt. Ltd. It is a reputable and top construction firm. While working on many projects for more than ten years, they developed this amazing housing project in the Twin Cities.

The Countryside Residencia is ideally situated on the major G.T. road, providing access to the significant neighboring locations. This housing society is close to Rawat, across from T-Chowk, and directly opposite from the Rawat Police Station.

The Countryside Residencia Islamabad is situated in a beautiful place with top-notch amenities and an unpolluted environment. Wide roads are also included, which is convenient for the locals. This gated housing society has a hospital, a security system that is operational around-the-clock, technology support, green parks, and a mosque with modern conveniences. Including unique features and conveniences.

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