July 4, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM and Its Impact on Real Estate


Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project is set to revolutionize the landscape of the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. This $500 billion mega-city, spanning 100 miles, aims to be a marvel of human ingenuity and technological innovation. Named from the Greek prefix “Neo” meaning “new” and the Arabic word “Mustaqbal” meaning “future,” NEOM represents a bold vision for sustainable living where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development

NEOM is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, focusing on creating a 26,500 sq-km city on the Red Sea coast. The project aims to protect 95% of the surrounding natural landscape and will be entirely powered by renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced that by 2030, Saudi Arabia plans to meet half of its energy needs from renewable sources. NEOM’s commitment to sustainability includes efficient waste management, sustainable transportation, and energy generation systems.

The Line: A Futuristic Architectural Marvel

One of the most ambitious components of NEOM is “The Line,” a zero-gravity, zero-carbon vertical city designed to house 9 million residents by 2045. This city will have no roads, cars, or emissions and will be 100% renewable. With AI technology playing a crucial role, residents will have all major facilities within a 5-minute walk. The high-speed train with a 20-minute end-to-end transit will reduce the infrastructure footprint and promote an integrated, hyper-connected living experience.

Oxagon: The Industrial Hub

NEOM’s industrial hub, Oxagon, will be the world’s largest floating industrial complex, strategically located on the Red Sea near the Suez Canal. This hub will feature advanced logistics and rail services, providing seamless connectivity for NEOM city. Additionally, NEOM and its partner Velocopter will design and operate electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) mobility systems, enhancing urban air mobility.

Trojena: A Boost to Tourism

The Trojena Mega Tourism Project within NEOM is set to become a premier tourist destination. Located in the snow-capped mountains, Trojena will feature a man-made freshwater lake, wellness resorts, restaurants, retail stores, and recreational facilities such as skiing, mountain biking, and paragliding. The project aims to create over 10,000 jobs and attract 700,000 visitors by 2030.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

NEOM has already attracted global interest as a prime real estate investment opportunity. According to a study by Knight Frank and YouGov, NEOM is viewed as the most attractive of Saudi Arabia’s Giga projects, with significant interest in purchasing homes there. The city’s innovative design and sustainable focus make it a desirable location for both investors and residents.


NEOM is poised to transform not only Saudi Arabia’s real estate sector but also set a benchmark for urban planning and sustainable development globally. As part of Makani Marketing, we recognize the immense potential of NEOM in reshaping the real estate landscape. The project’s success will depend on the realization of its ambitious promises, but the initial plans indicate a groundbreaking shift towards a sustainable and innovative future.