July 1, 2024

Zameen Five REIT – An Opportunity Worth Your Investment


The Pakistani real estate market is witnessing a groundbreaking shift with the introduction of Zameen Five REIT by Zameen.com, the country’s largest real estate enterprise. This innovative venture marks Punjab’s inaugural Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), aimed at financing five prestigious real estate projects in Lahore. Here’s why investing in Zameen Five REIT could be your next smart move:

Transforming Lahore’s Skyline with Zameen Developments

Zameen Five REIT is set to fund luxurious vertical projects developed by Zameen Developments, including Zameen Quadrangle in Gulberg, Zameen Aurum in Gulberg, Zameen Neo in Gulberg, Zameen Jade in Sukh Chayn Gardens, and Zameen Phoenix on Main Canal Bank Road. These projects promise not just luxury but also substantial returns for investors upon successful completion.

Trust and Transparency at the Core

Zameen Five REIT operates under the REIT Regulations 2022 and is registered under the Punjab Trusts Act 2020. With the Central Depository Company (CDC) as trustee and evaluations conducted by respected institutions like Savills Pakistan and MYK Associates, approved by the Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA), transparency and credibility are ensured. KPMG, a globally recognized audit firm, further guarantees the trust’s integrity.

The Advantages of Investing in Zameen Five REIT

Investors stand to benefit from various advantages:

  • Tax Exemption: Profits from investments in REITs are tax-exempt for investors.
  • Potential for Appreciation: With high demand for quality housing in Lahore’s prime locations, Zameen Developments’ projects are positioned for steady appreciation.
  • Access to Premium Assets: REITs provide access to institutional-quality assets that may otherwise be inaccessible to individual investors.
  • Steady Income: Regular dividends from completed projects offer a reliable income stream.

Revolutionizing Real Estate with Zameen 360˚

Zameen isn’t just reshaping real estate investment; it’s revolutionizing the entire property sector through Zameen 360˚. This comprehensive platform manages every aspect of real estate, from initial concept to project completion. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Zameen 360˚ ensures projects like Zameen Opal are delivered on time, meeting the high standards set by Zameen Developments.

Seizing the Opportunity

Zameen Five REIT presents a unique opportunity for both seasoned investors and newcomers looking to diversify their portfolios in the burgeoning Pakistani real estate market. Whether you seek financial growth or reliability in property investments, Zameen Five REIT promises both, backed by Zameen.com’s proven track record and commitment to excellence.


With its commitment to transparency, innovation, and investor satisfaction, Zameen Five REIT stands poised to redefine real estate investment in Punjab. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative journey. Explore the potential of Zameen Five REIT today and secure your stake in the future of Lahore’s dynamic real estate landscape.

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