June 25, 2024

Zimbabwe Issued the ‘$1 Trillion Dollar’ Note During 2000s Hyperinflation

Zimbabwe Issued the ‘$1 Trillion Dollar’ Note During 2000s Hyperinflation

In 2009, Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation crisis reached a peak that led to the issuance of $100 trillion notes by the central bank. These notes, despite their astronomical face value, were almost worthless at the time, barely sufficient to buy a loaf of bread. However, these very notes have turned into one of the best-performing investments over the past seven years.

The $100 Trillion Dollar Bill: A Record-Breaker

The Zimbabwean $100 trillion dollar bill holds the record for having the most zeroes of any legal tender in history. With a trillion being a million million, the sheer scale of this currency is staggering.

From Worthless to Valuable Collectibles

During the hyperinflation period, these notes were practically useless. People needed bales of them for everyday purchases. However, only a few million of these notes were printed, and over time, they have become rare and valuable.

Collectors’ Items

Today, these $100 trillion notes are highly sought after by collectors. Private investors like John Wolstencroft find them intriguing as conversation starters. Their rarity and historical significance have turned them into prized collector’s items.

Lessons for Investors

The hyperinflation crisis in Zimbabwe serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of holding onto cash in times of economic instability. John Wolstencroft notes, “One of the independent financial advisers used to give the notes out to prospective clients to show why they should invest away from cash in a diverse range of assets, such as real estate, gold, stocks, and shares. Over the long term, cash loses its value.”

Investment Insights from Hyperinflation

  1. Diversify Your Assets: Holding a diverse range of assets, including real estate, gold, and stocks, can protect against inflation and economic instability.
  2. Long-Term Value: Investments in physical assets like real estate tend to hold value better over the long term compared to cash.
  3. Historical Context: Understanding economic history can provide valuable lessons for current investment strategies.


The $100 trillion dollar note from Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation era is a powerful symbol of economic turmoil and the importance of diversified investment strategies. At Makani Marketing, we understand the value of investing in stable, long-term assets like real estate. Contact us today to explore secure and profitable investment opportunities.