June 13, 2024

Hub71-backed ABHI Establishes Abu Dhabi HQ

Hub71-backed ABHI Establishes Abu Dhabi HQ

ABHI, a leading embedded finance platform founded in Pakistan, is making significant strides in its growth journey by establishing its global headquarters in Abu Dhabi. This strategic move is supported by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), aimed at bolstering ABHI’s international operations.

ABHI’s Partnership with Hub71

ABHI joined Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s renowned global tech ecosystem, in 2022. This partnership has allowed ABHI to flourish by leveraging Hub71’s extensive network of corporations, investment partners, and government entities. The collaboration has enabled ABHI to tap into the advantages of Abu Dhabi’s dynamic marketplace, fostering growth and innovation.

Abu Dhabi: A Hub for High-Growth Companies

Abu Dhabi has emerged as a prime location for companies at all stages of growth. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Abu Dhabi supports the expansion of high-growth companies from inception to IPO. ABHI’s establishment of its HQ in Abu Dhabi is a testament to the city’s commitment to nurturing and supporting innovative businesses.

ADIO’s Comprehensive Support

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) is playing a crucial role in ABHI’s expansion. ADIO provides a comprehensive range of growth-enabling support, including setup assistance, incentives, and connections to the Abu Dhabi ecosystem and international trade opportunities. This support is designed to facilitate investment and innovation in the high-growth FinTech sector, positioning ABHI for success in emerging markets.

Strategic Growth in Emerging Markets

ABHI is now collaborating with ADIO and other strategic partners to scale up its operations and capture growth opportunities in emerging markets. By establishing its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, ABHI is well-positioned to leverage the city’s resources and networks to drive its international expansion.




ABHI’s establishment of its global HQ in Abu Dhabi marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth journey. Supported by Hub71 and ADIO, ABHI is set to capitalize on the numerous opportunities available in Abu Dhabi’s thriving ecosystem. At Makani Marketing, we are excited to see how ABHI’s presence in Abu Dhabi will drive innovation and growth in the FinTech sector, further enhancing the city’s reputation as a global hub for high-growth companies.

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