June 13, 2024

Al Jalil Developers Partners with AdPluto for Revolutionary Digital Ad Buying Experience

Al Jalil Developers Partners with AdPluto for Revolutionary Digital Ad Buying Experience

A Landmark Partnership in Real Estate and Digital Advertising

Al Jalil Developers, a leading name in Pakistan’s real estate sector, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with AdPluto, a cutting-edge, self-serve media buying platform. This collaboration was formalized during a MoU signing ceremony in Lahore, attended by key members from both organizations.

Pioneering Digital Advertising in Real Estate

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone, as Al Jalil Developers becomes the first real estate company to adopt AdPluto as its primary digital advertising platform. AdPluto offers a state-of-the-art, fully automated system designed to enhance efficiency and transparency in advertising. By leveraging AdPluto, Al Jalil Developers aims to transform its digital advertising strategy, challenging the dominance of traditional platforms like Google Ads.

Innovative Features of AdPluto

AdPluto distinguishes itself with innovative features that cater to the unique needs of advertisers and agencies across Pakistan. The platform provides:

  • Nationwide Service: Accessible to advertisers and agencies throughout Pakistan.
  • Enhanced Results: Promises superior performance and results.
  • Local Payment Options: Offers the convenience of spending and billing in PKR.
  • Superior Domain Targeting: Provides a better domain list for campaign serving.

Al Jalil Developers’ Prestigious Portfolio

Al Jalil Developers is renowned for its substantial contributions to the real estate, housing, and infrastructure sectors. Their portfolio includes notable projects such as:

  • Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme: The largest LDA-approved project in Lahore West.
  • Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme
  • Al-Baari Residencia
  • Al Aziz Residencia in Sheikhupura
  • Lahore Entertainment City: Pakistan’s first purpose-built entertainment destination.

Statements from Leadership

Abdullah Hashmi, Head of Marketing at Al Jalil Developers:

“In the dynamic expanse of real estate, our union with AdPluto transcends the conventional definition of a partnership—it’s a bold stride towards reshaping how we converse and engage with our audience. AdPluto’s revolutionary platform is an algorithmic storyteller, revolutionizing the way we weave our narrative. In the digital advertising arena, this collaboration is a symphony of code and creativity, defining a new era of tech-savvy engagement.”

Haider Ahmed Qazi, Head of Ecommerce at Al Jalil Developers:

“With AdPluto, we are not only witnessing better CPM rates but also experiencing a superior domain list where our campaigns are served, far surpassing what we’ve seen with Google. Additionally, the convenience of spending and being billed in PKR enhances our advertising efficacy significantly.”

Akram Ali, Vice President – Asia Pacific & Middle East at AdPluto:

“We are pleased that esteemed brands like Al-Jalil are placing their trust in AdPluto’s services. Our commitment is to make digital advertising more productive and affordable for brands in Pakistan through AdPluto. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to transforming the digital advertising landscape for the better.”



Transforming the Digital Advertising Landscape

This partnership is set to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape in Pakistan, offering an innovative alternative to traditional platforms. It empowers advertisers with more efficient tools and localized options, aligning with the evolving needs of the dynamic Pakistani market.

At Makani Marketing, we are excited to see how this collaboration between Al Jalil Developers and AdPluto will reshape the future of digital advertising in real estate, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, creativity, and engagement.

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