June 3, 2024

Pakistan No Longer Among Top Real Estate Investors in Dubai

Dubai skyline showcasing luxury real estate and modern skyscrapers, highlighting the shift in investor demographics.

Dubai’s real estate market has long been a hotspot for international investors, but recent data indicates a significant shift in the profile of top investors. According to the latest report from Betterhomes, British and Russian nationals dominated real estate investments in Dubai in the first quarter (Q1) of 2023. However, Pakistani investors, once prominent players in this market, have notably fallen from the top ranks. In this blog, Makani Marketing explores the reasons behind this shift and its implications for the real estate landscape.

Changing Dynamics of Dubai’s Real Estate Investment

The Betterhomes report highlights that British and Russian investors led the way in Dubai’s real estate market during Q1 2023. The top 10 list also includes investors from Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, France, China, and the UAE. This diverse mix reflects Dubai’s global appeal and its strategic position as a hub for international business and luxury living.

The Rise of European and Russian Investors

One of the most notable trends in 2023 has been the rise of European and Russian investors in Dubai’s real estate market. This shift can be attributed to several factors:

  • Rising Costs in Europe: The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to economic uncertainties and rising costs in Europe, prompting investors to seek stable and profitable markets like Dubai.
  • Pandemic Handling: Dubai’s successful management of the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced its reputation as a safe and secure investment destination.
  • Stable Economy: Dubai’s robust and stable economy continues to attract international investors looking for reliable returns.
  • Foreign Ownership and Golden Visas: The availability of 100% foreign ownership and the option to obtain 10-year Golden Visas make Dubai an attractive option for long-term investment and residency.

Decline of Pakistani Investors

While Indian investors have traditionally been strong players in Dubai’s real estate market, they have now fallen to third place. More strikingly, Pakistani investors, who used to be among the top 10, have dropped out of the list entirely during Q1 2023. This decline is primarily due to the massive depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee (PKR).

Impact of Currency Depreciation

According to xe.com, the PKR depreciated significantly, going from 50 against the AED in April 2022 to 77.46 in April 2023. This depreciation has eroded the purchasing power of Pakistani investors, making it more difficult for them to invest in Dubai’s real estate market. In 2022, Pakistanis were the sixth biggest investors in Dubai’s real estate market, but the economic challenges faced by Pakistan have severely impacted their ability to maintain this position.

European Investors Taking the Lead

Developers and real estate experts in Dubai have observed a growing interest from European investors. Najmeh Jafari, General Manager at Samana Developers, noted that Europeans were the top investors in their latest project, with buyers primarily from France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Norway. Similarly, Ayman Youssef, Vice President of Coldwell Banker UAE, confirmed that property buyers in Dubai were mainly from Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Implications for Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The shifting dynamics of international investment in Dubai’s real estate market have several implications:

  1. Increased Diversity: The rise of European and Russian investors adds to the diversity of Dubai’s real estate market, creating a more balanced and resilient investment environment.
  2. Market Stability: The influx of investors from stable economies helps to bolster the market, providing a buffer against regional economic fluctuations.
  3. Investment Opportunities: As some traditional investors like Pakistanis pull back, new opportunities arise for other international investors to enter the market and capitalize on available properties.

Looking Ahead

As Dubai continues to attract a diverse range of international investors, the real estate market remains dynamic and competitive. For potential investors, understanding these trends and the factors driving them is crucial. Makani Marketing is committed to providing the latest insights and expert guidance to help investors navigate this ever-evolving landscape.




The decline of Pakistani investors in Dubai’s real estate market marks a significant shift in the investment landscape. Factors such as currency depreciation, economic challenges in Pakistan, and the rise of European and Russian investors have reshaped the market dynamics. Despite these changes, Dubai remains a premier destination for real estate investment, offering stability, diverse opportunities, and attractive incentives for international investors.

At Makani Marketing, we understand the complexities of the real estate market and are here to help you make informed investment decisions. Whether you are looking to invest in Dubai or understand the trends shaping the market, our team of experts is ready to assist you.

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